The Best iPad App for Note Taking.

Take notes the way you think. Naturally.

MagicalPad is the best ipad app for note taking. Whether you are using the built-in iPad keyboard, or an external keyboard, you will find note taking using iPad for professional or personal notes a smooth and effective experience. You will be wondering how people still take notes on iPad with other note taking apps.

“An outstanding interface with simple, intuitive tools”
MagicalPad User

You really take control of your notes. Guaranteed!
We wanted to make sure that you focus on your content with minimal user interface distractions, at the same time we provided gestures and keyboard actions to manage your content layout as you type.

Many iPad users take notes using a stylus for layout freedom, but face the hardship of searching for their notes and formatting issues. MagicalPad gives you the layout freedom to organize your notes the way you want, while providing superior functionality with searchable text, export to PDF with selectable text, colors, backgrounds, boxes, bulleted lists, action item lists and much more.